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A little story

The brand

Capricci has created a unique collection of rings that can be worn individually or combined to create the look that suits your mood.

It’s the answer

So, when you’re asking yourself
« What shall I wear today? » Capricci has the answer, with rings that are as individual as you are.

Enjoy discounts

See the discounts increase as you add rings to your combinations.

Luxurious or minimalist, funky or sensual, amaze yourself by always having the perfect ring for the right moment.

Expressing your own personal style couldn't be easier, just click and let the magic begin.

It’s all about quality

Capricci jewellery is produced in 316L allergy-free stainless steel, the purest variety. Gold colour denominations are made on colour grounds. For more information on the quality of our products please refer to our "Quality Guarantee" section at the bottom of the page.